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Australian Open

Australian Open

Australian Open

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The tennis season knows little respite, going from one competition to the next all year long. And the first big one is coming up in Melbourne in mid-January, with the first Grand Slam tournament, bringing together the best players on the planet.

Australian Open: the start of the Grand Slam

Born in 1905, the Australian Open is the first of the year's four Grand Slam tournaments. Originally staged in turn in each state of Australia and in New Zealand, it took up permanent residence in Melbourne as from 1972. Due to the remoteness of Australia compared with the other continents and to the slowness of the means of transport at the time (ship), the tournament attracted few foreign players in the early years. It was only in 1946, when the first American tennis players were able to reach Australia by air for the first time that the event started to take on an international stature and to develop into the not-to-be-missed tennis tournament it is today. The Australian Open live, a tournament that the big fans can experience and enjoy thanks to Eurosport Player.

Australian Open 2018: a schedule packed full of high spots and emotions

The competition starts as of 15 January 2018 and ends on Sunday 28 with the men's final, in the cultural and sporting capital of Australia. Dominated by Novak Djokovic in recent years, the Australian Open is also an eagerly awaited event for Roger Federer, the current men's singles holder, and for Rafael Nadal, the world No. 1, despite the latter going out early last year.

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