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Emotional Murray tells Eurosport - 'I never expected reaction on this scale'

Emotional Murray tells Eurosport - 'I never expected reaction on this scale'
By Eurosport

14/01/2019 at 16:02Updated 14/01/2019 at 17:35

Andy Murray talked exclusively to Eurosport after his first round exit about his Australian Open heroics and the overwhelming rection to his retirement announcement.

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That was a pretty remarkable evening for so many reasons. Can you sum it up in your own words?

"The atmosphere on the court was amazing, I’ve never really experienced that from start to finish before," Murray told Eurosport. "I was worried about going on the court and not handling the situation well and not performing, and being a bit of an anti-climax.

" But if that was my last match and the last time I play then I’d be alright with that because it was brilliant, I literally gave everything I had, I had nothing left to give. "

"My hip by the end of the third, start of the fourth set really started to hurt, a lot. It just can’t last matches anymore, it’s really painful just walking around. So it’s probably not a bad thing that I lost as I probably wouldn’t have been able to perform well in the next round."

You said on Friday that this might not be your last ever match but will likely be your last ever Australian Open match. Is that still the case?

"I have two options really," Murray explained. "One, take the next four months off and then build up for grass and have my last tournament at Wimbledon which I feel is something I’m capable of doing. Tonight was not comfortable but I was able to play at a level, which I shouldn’t really be able to play at in my opinion.

"And the other option is to have an operation which is basically replacing my hip, which could potentially give me the opportunity to play again, but there are no guarantees with a surgery like that.

"So that’s the decision I have to weigh up and make. It’ll definitely help improve my quality of life having an operation like that, but whether I’d be able to play professional tennis again there’s absolutely no guarantees and there’s very few examples of that.

" I’m not sure exactly what I’ll do yet, but I really, really want to carry on playing tennis, but I can’t with my current hip, so it’s a tough one."

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The outpouring of emotion since Friday has been overwhelming for us how has it been for you?

"Yeah, that’s the right word," Murray said.

" I never expected anything like that on that scale. It has been amazing. It was a surprise to me. "

"The atmosphere in the match tonight, and the message from the guys who I’ve been competing against for the biggest competitions for a long time was very nice and hearing from some of the ladies as well was cool.

"And if it is my last match, then it’s a nice way to finish."