There have been 'no winners' in what has been a 'crazy' saga involving Novak Djokovic at the 2022 Australian Open, according to his former coach, Boris Becker.
Djokovic has left Australia after a last-ditch visa appeal was rejected. The world No. 1 initially had his visa cancelled for failing to adequately meet the criteria for a medical exemption, but won an appeal.
Australia’s immigration minister, Alex Hawke, then re-cancelled the visa "on health and good order grounds”. The nine-time champion at Melbourne Park again challenged the decision, but that effort was thrown out.
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"I always had a bad feeling about this. Any government is bigger than any individual," Becker told Eurosport's Mats Wilander and Alize Lim.
"I was a bit surprised that the court ruled in his favour on Monday of last week, but obviously the government had the last word.
"I don't think there are any winners. Djokovic obviously pays the highest price, but Tennis Australia did not look good; the Victorian government did not look good; the country of Australia did not look good.
"It is something I find sad to say because it has been one of the most hospitable countries for so long, so I'm a little bit confused about what is going on there.
"But ultimately, there are very strict vaccination rules and they have made the difference."
Asked about Djokovic's mentality, Becker said: "I don't know what is on the inside. He is saying the right things. Obviously, it is a big blow for him.
"Australia is his favourite tournament, he has won it nine times. He wanted to break the record of 21 [Grand Slam singles titles]. There was no better chance for him than to play in Melbourne. Now, this chance is taken away, so I think deep down, he will be very frustrated.
"It is the ultimate question [if he will get vaccinated]. Life would be easier for him and anyone else who gets vaccinated. I think we all are, but the world is divided and he is the most famous of the anti-vaxxers.
"I'm sure the French Open has watched this saga; I'm sure Wimbledon has watched it. Let's see, but the government restrictions will be there in May and June, I'm sure.
"Let's see what Novak does. The way out, the easiest thing for him, would be to get vaccinated. It's tough to get your head around it, how much paperwork you have to do to play a tennis tournament.
"It is tough enough to win a tennis tournament. Now his struggle is to get the right documents in order to participate in one. It's crazy the world we live in, but that is the way it is. I think we have all had two years to accept it, and there is no other choice."

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Wilander added: "I think he could have handled things differently before he got to Australia, but when he got to Australia it seemed that he was pretty quiet.
"I think he realised that he needed some luck in this situation. The consequences here are huge because he was going for his 21st [Grand Slam singles title]."
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