Serena Williams, meet clay. Clay, meet Serena Williams. The three-time champion is playing her first match on clay in 485 days as she starts her bid for a record-equalling 24th Grand Slam. Her opponent is fellow American Kristie Ahn, who she beat in straight sets in the opening round at the US Open. The roof is going to be open for this one.

K. Ahn vs S. Williams | Roland-Garros
Women's Singles | Round 1 | 28.09.2020 | Court Philippe-Chatrier
K. Ahn
K. Ahn

S. Williams (6)
S. Williams (6)
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Dan Quarrell
Dan Quarrell
Updated 28/09/2020 at 15:07 GMT
Ahn 6-7(2) 0-6 Williams
Williams is safely through to round two.
After a lengthy opening set she eases through the second and takes her fifth match point to set up a meeting with Tsvetana Pironkova, who she beat in the US Open quarter-finals.
Ahn 6-7(2) 0-5* Williams
Just the finishing touches needed for Williams now as she breaks again to move a game away from the second round.
Ahn *6-7(2) 0-4 Williams
It's noticeable that Williams isn't going for as many lines as she seemed to be earlier in the match. She's just making Ahn move a lot more with some powerful shots and it's paying off.
Ahn 6-7(2) 0-3* Williams
A double fault to start from Ahn and then a very well constructed point from Williams as she finds a brilliant angle with a short backhand and then puts away the return at the net.
That's 15 of the last 17 points for Williams.
Another double fault gives Williams two break points. Ahn saves well but nets on the next break point.
Ahn *6-7(2) 0-2 Williams
Ahn is missing more than she was at the start of the match and Williams eases through a service game to move 2-0 ahead.
Ahn 6-7(2) 0-1* Williams
A break to start the second set for Williams. Can she kick on from here and close this match out quickly?
The opening set took 74 minutes.
Ahn *6-7(2) Williams
That's more like it from Williams.
Much better in the tie-break as she wins a 22-shot rally - the longest of the match - and finishes with an ace.
"I sometimes wonder if Serena realises how good she is," says Chris Bradnam on commentary. Which is very apt for this match.
Ahn 6-6* Williams
Ahn manages to hold to take the opening set to a tie-break.
Williams is surely favourite for this based on the last few games.
Ahn 5-6* Williams
A love hold for Williams, who seems to have cut out the errors and is upping the power a little. Encouraging signs for her chances.
Ahn 5-5* Williams
A third break of serve in a row and we are back on serve. Ahn hasn't been able to take her chances when she has been on top at the business end of this set and you feel she is probably going to regret it.
Ahn *5-4 Williams
All that hard work in the previous game only to hand the break straight back.
Not great at all from Williams as she makes several errors and is broken to love.
Ahn 4-4* Williams
This match still feels quite flat, with both players making plenty of mistakes.
Williams is making more though and tots up her 20th unforced error of the match on her first break point.
She misses down the line on the next break point and Ahn saves another with some superb defence that leaves Williams staring at the baseline where a high ball landed just in.
But Williams finally cranks up the power and breaks on her sixth break point.
Huge, huge celebration from the 39-year-old as she breaks through.
Ahn 4-3* Williams
Williams stays just a break behind Ahn as she secures another straightforward hold.
Ahn 4-2* Williams
Still Williams does not look to be at 100 per cent as she doesn't move for a deep ball - that ends up going long - and then doesn't chase down a drop shot.
She has been nursing an Achilles problem heading into the tournament.
Ahn *3-2 Williams
Much more comfortable for Williams, who still looks quite calm and not particularly fired up, yet. She finishes with an ace to reduce Ahn's advantage.
Ahn 3-1* Williams
Williams is not looking all that comfortable so far, particularly when she is made to move around.
Ahn shows nice touch with a drop shot that Williams doesn't bother chasing down and clinches the game from deuce with a couple of unforced errors from the three-time champion.
Ahn *2-1 Williams
After such a strong start on serve, Williams dips considerably as she double faults and falls 15-40 behind.
She saves both break points but then double faults again. Ahn can't convert another break point but fires a backhand return winner to stay in the game.
A powerful forehand earns Ahn a fourth break point, but she misses on a second serve return.
Still the game goes on as Williams double faults and then misses a routine shot at the net.
Break point No 5 comes and goes for Ahn - the 22nd point of the game - but she takes No 6 to finally break.
Ahn 1-1* Williams
No aces from Ahn, who is 5' 5" and an excellent mover, but a comfortable enough hold to start.
Ahn *0-1 Williams
Not a bad start from Williams as she fires down three aces in a row for a love hold.
She looks very calm.