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"They are our heroes" - Nadal praises Spanish workers, Federer and Djokovic encourage public

"They are our heroes" - Nadal praises Spanish workers, Federer and Djokovic encourage public

23/03/2020 at 15:12Updated 23/03/2020 at 15:28

Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer have sent encouraging messages amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Serbian player Djokovic is yet to concede a match this season and has had his superb form interrupted, and took the time to urge the public to listen to advice

"This is a time for us all to get together and unite. Let's really try to spend quality time with our family at home. Please stay at home in quarantine and help frontline medical people to help the people infected and in need," he said.

Federer explained the steps he was taking, saying: "I'm also staying home, and I haven't been shaking anybody's hands for quite a lot time now."

"I wash my hands very frequently as we're supposed to, again and again. I believe helping each other is important more now than ever, especially because we want to help the older generation...we need to help them by keeping a distance of two meters and not shake hands.

"We need to take this very seriously."

Rafael Nadal, whose home country Spain has been one of the worst affected by the pandemic so far, praised his country's health workers and other government staff.

"I wanted to send a message of thanks to all the doctors, nurses and all the health personnel who are all protecting us, and to the police forces, civil and national guard, the army, and all those who make us feel a little safer, who are in the first line of fire," he said.

"They are our heroes. I want to express my admiration and thank you all."

"There are also positive things in these difficult times. We are demonstrating to be a united people," Nadal said.

Professional tennis is currently suspended and tennis rankings have been frozen for the foreseeable future.

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