Borna Coric - Rafael Nadal
US Open men - 1 September 2015

US Open – Follow the Tennis match between Borna Coric and Rafael Nadal live with Eurosport. The match starts at 00:00 on 1 September 2015. Our live coverage lets you follow all the key moments as they happen.
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NADAL 6-3 6-2 4-6 6-4 CORIC. Game, set and match! Rafa gets it done, closing out after one more brilliant exchange to bring him up to match point. An electric and engrossing final two sets from both players, but the champion gets the best of the challenger in the end.


NADAL 6-3 6-2 4-6 5-4 CORIC. Borna Coric isn’t about to give this up. The youngster digs deep the wrestle through a tight deuce service game, turning on the ball and committing to backhands more than ever. This is no time for half-measures, and even someone with as sparse experience has Coric fully knows it.


NADAL 6-3 6-2 4-6 5-3 CORIC. Nadal started the game with two brilliant serve and volleys and finished it with another swift, lethal foray to the net. Pure, unadulterated aggression form the Spaniard to edge to within a game of victory. The youngster is vringing out the very best Nadal, and that quite impressive from both sides.


NADAL 6-3 6-2 4-6 4-3 CORIC. BREAK! There we go. It’s Nadal who pounces at 30-30, first punishing a short forehand with a trademark bullet of a forehand. When a Coric second serve skipped into the path of that lethal stroke, he repeated the trick, killing the forehand return winner from inside the baseline. The real Rafa stood up as the pressure mounted, and that was that.


NADAL 6-3 6-2 4-6 3-3 CORIC. Nadal is right back with many first serves and another quick hold of his own. The pressure is ratcheting up, and someone will rise or crack soon enough.


NADAL 6-3 6-2 4-6 2-3 CORIC. The holds continue. Once again, Coric serves well enough to keep his service games out of Nadal’s reach for the time being. He is confident, but we’ll see for how long.


NADAL 6-3 6-2 4-6 2-2 CORIC. No blinking from Nadal, either. The Spaniard diligently swerves his favourite serve to the Coric’s backhand and chuckles as it wreaks yet more havoc on the youngster.


NADAL 6-3 6-2 4-6 1-2 CORIC. The child is growing before the crowd’s eyes. More risks with the forehand, and when he stares down a possibly match defining break point, he doesn’t hesitate to pull the trigger on a deep and penetrating backhand. At deuce, he steps in and thumps a forehand down the line for another clean winner, eventually holding firm again.


NADAL 6-3 6-2 4-6 1-1 CORIC. This time, Nadal holds the Croat off well. Once again, the youngster’s inability to return the Nadal slider proves his downfall. He’s shakes his racquet and pleads at his team after another missed backhand return, but that’ll change nothing.


NADAL 6-3 6-2 4-6 0-1 CORIC. No hiccups from the youngster as usual. More big serving eases him into the fourth set with a quick hold, all the positive momentum built up through the third set still intact.


NADAL 6-3 6-2 4-6 CORIC. SET! Nadal throws in quite the horror game, with two terrible double faults followed by an error. On set point, the Spaniard gets himself into a muddle and the Croat capitalizes, crushing a cross-court backhand at the feet of a Nadal standing in no man’s land and snatching the set from under the champion’s nose.


NADAL 6-3 6-2 4-5 CORIC. Unlike in the previous sets, still no sign of blinking from Coric. He gets himself to 5 with some brilliant serving, and he sure looks hungry for more.


NADAL 6-3 6-2 4-4 CORIC. Some raw anger from Coric, pleading with his box and screaming “why?” after yet another missed backhand return. You can’t blame him, either. For a player that is supposed to return well, it has been a disastrous returning day.


NADAL 6-3 6-2 3-4 CORIC. Another good hold for Coric in what has become by far the most competitive set of his day. Such is Coric’s confidence on his serve, the Croat even flirts with danger, pounding the Nadal forehand with his favoured backhand crosscourt. This time he lives to tell the tale, and wins the point too.


NADAL 6-3 6-2 3-3 CORIC. Nadal yo-yos back to parity with another quick hold. Coric is still trying to regain that break, but once again he is struggling with the Nadal serve like no man before him in 2015.


NADAL 6-3 6-2 2-3 CORIC. Coric responds with a love hold of his own, decibels ratcheting up on contact with his serve. What he’d give to have served like this when he actually had the break in his pocket.


NADAL 6-3 6-2 2-2 CORIC. Nadal rubs a whole load of salt in the Croat’s wounds, holding to love with ease, his first serve restored and the score along with it too. Back to the drawing board for Coric.


NADAL 6-3 6-2 0-2 CORIC. BREAK! Nadal misses a few first serves at last, and Coric wastes no time in pouncing. As always, most good things the youngster pulls off are anchored by his sweet backhand. It’s no different here – the two hander takes on the Nadal serve, then bosses the rally to send Coric up a break. The kid is still fighting.


NADAL 6-3 6-2 0-1 CORIC. Once again, Coric is straight back to the drawing board. Fistpumping, nodding and refusing to feel sorry for himself. It’s not a coincidence that he is able to brush aside the disappointment and hold again.


NADAL 6-3 6-2 CORIC. SET! It’s all too easy for Nadal out there. He scans in a few more swinging first serves to Coric and picks up the pieces. Nadal didn’t lose a single first serve point in that set, and it sure looked that way.


NADAL 6-3 5-2 CORIC. It’s impossible to fault Coric’s attitude here. Still pumping his fist, still fighting and he still seems to believe that he can get something from it. He gets one game for all his troubles.


NADAL 6-3 5-1 CORIC. Another easy hold from the Spaniard, stretching his lead to 5-1 as Coric continues to struggle with the swinger. It’s all a bit too easy out there on Ashe now.


NADAL 6-3 4-1 CORIC. BREAK! Rafa breaks again. Coric would struggle to crack an egg with his forehand at the moment. So many opportunities to kill short balls with that stroke, so many times his attempts only leave the court open for Nadal to drive into.


NADAL 6-3 3-1 CORIC. No problems consolidating for Rafa. Coric is struggling with the Nadal first serve more than just about any player in the world this year. Once again, it’s a bit of a walk in the park for the Spaniard.


NADAL 6-3 2-1 CORIC. BREAK! More touches of genius from Mr Nadal. First Coric tries to attack the Nadal forehand, only to find a whipped screamer waiting for him on the Nadal forehand. Then Nadal seals the break to love with a slick, last minute dropper winner. The Spaniard is well on his way.


NADAL 6-3 1-1 CORIC. Nadal hits straight back with a quick hold of his own. The Croat is really struggling to return the Nadal first serve, and for a player who relies on his return, this could be fatal.


NADAL 6-3 0-1 CORIC. Coric doesn’t look too perturbed after dropping the first set. The Croat shrugs off the first set and throws down another good service game, fistpumps everywhere. Even if he gets beaten up, the youngster isn't going anywhere.


NADAL 6-3 CORIC. SET! Well, that escalated quickly. Nadal captures 12 points in a row to march from 3-3 to 6-3 in a flash. A confidence boost for the Spaniard, if ever there was one.


NADAL 5-3 CORIC. BREAK! First blood goes to Nadal as Coric keeps on getting caught on his forehand. The Croat had multiple opportunities to kill short balls, but the forehand just isn’t currently good enough. The result is a quick love break to the champion.


NADAL 4-3 CORIC. This time it’s a love hold from Nadal with some good aggression, the forehand directing traffic without fully unleashing. An unreturned serve down the T, and the Spaniard edges ahead again.


NADAL 3-3 CORIC. Another assured hold from Coric to level things up. Perhaps notably, three errors in a row from Nadal’s favoured forehand – the shot that has been in such a slump this year.


NADAL 3-2 CORIC. Coric continues to give his 2 cents in each Nadal service game, this time keeping some immaculate depth and pushing Nadal back with his backhand. But Nadal continues to serve well and comfortably notches up another hold.


NADAL 2-2 CORIC. Three big serves confidently scaling 120mph are enough to give Coric a second easy hold. A warning bullet of a backhand from the champion embedded in the game, but much too good from the youngster on serve.


NADAL 2-1 CORIC. More encouraging signs for Coric as the child steps up and looks to take the ball far earlier than usual. But three straight swerving Nadal serves to the backhand are enough to notch up a hold, despite briefly falling down 15-30.


NADAL 1-1 CORIC. The youngster responds with a hold of his own. Both men are just testing each other out in these early stages, with very hard but safe crosscourt rallies. First Coric’s backhand trades with the Nadal forehand, then the pair trade on their weaker sides. Coric wins both rallies, and it’s one set all.


NADAL 1-0 CORIC. Mr Nadal serves first, and Nadal captures his first hold of the night. A couple of sketchy forehands from the Spaniard, but he settled into the occasion well enough.


NADAL 0-0 CORIC. After the earlier false start, it’s time for the intriguing match-up of the night session as Rafael Nadal takes on the best youngster in the world in Borna Coric. Despite Coric’s victory over a Nadal playing with appendicitis last fall, Nadal is the heavy favourite today. Still, there’s a reason why they play.