Federer, 34, could hardly mis in his 6-3 6-3 6-1 quarter-final victory and Gasquet all too often played the role of innocent bystander in the 87-minute mauling.
The Swiss maestro uncorked 50 winners to a mere eight from Gasquet and the record 17-times grand slam winner has been looking like a new, improved, revitalised model of late.
And the father of two sets of twins said sleeping is a part of his preparation.
US Open
Wawrinka destroys Anderson to reach last four
09/09/2015 AT 21:30
"Sleeping has become quite important. I make sure I sleep enough," he said.
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"I believe it's really the sleep that gives you energy again down the road. That's why the next two days are very important for me in terms of sleeping."
Asked about his sleep "target", Federer showed he likes to think big.
"In terms of sleeping? Hopefully nine to 10 (hours)," he said.

Federer's wife Mirka and twins Charlene Riva and Mila Rose

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Federer has been at the very top of the game for over a decade, but claims that his longevity is anything but luck.
"Since a few years now, or many years, I have tried to look at the big picture to hopefully still be playing at a high level at this age," Federer said.
"I have been able to take the ball earlier, and I think I'm volleying better than I have the last 10 years."
Federer did concede he had changed some things because of his age.
"I guess I'm more professional these days. When I was coming up on tour I would bounce up and down for two minutes and then just walk out to the practice and do almost the same for the match.
"These days I take more time, put in more of the core exercises, do more stretching. Sometimes I just can't wait to get off the table again, honestly. It's nice not to be on there all the time."


Just a few hours before Federer went out on court, Eurosport expert commentator Simon Reed was full of praise for the world number two.
"There’s a very strong argument that Federer is playing the best tennis of his life, even compared to when he was winning Grand Slams for fun," he said.
Reed added that he believes Federer will make the final, but suggested that winning the final - almost certainly against Novak Djokovic - will be a different matter.
"There’s no doubt that Federer is playing the better tennis at the moment and the stars seem aligned for him to win his first Grand Slam title in three years," he said.
"I felt that at Wimbledon too and it didn’t happen. I felt like it should have happened, but it didn’t. That may well be the case here.
"Maybe he’s got a bit of a thing about Djokovic and that may remerge on Sunday, assuming both make the final...
"On form, Federer's the man. Whether it happens, I really don’t know. He’s probably playing even better in New York than he was at Wimbledon. It’s so tight. My heart says I hope he does, but something’s holding me back.
"If push came to an almighty shove, I think I’d just go for Djokovic. But only because of what happened at Wimbledon and what tends to happen."
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