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Wimbledon men • Semifinal

Novak Djokovic - Rafael Nadal
Wimbledon men - 14 July 2018

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GAME, SET AND MATCH! - NADAL 4-6 6-3 6-7 6-3 8-10 DJOKOVIC. Novak Djokovic is back in the big time! The 12-time Grand Slam champion is into another Wimbledon final as he breaks to love on his second match point to conclude an epic encounter over two days. The match lasted a pulsating five hours and 14 minutes and will go down as another classic between these great rivals.

Djokovic will now meet Kevin Anderson in Sunday's final with a fourth Wimbledon crown in his sights.

Novak Djokovic

In-game update: Rafa slips trying to reach a Djoker strike to his left flank.



NADAL 4-6 6-3 6-7 6-3 8-9 DJOKOVIC. No pressure for Djokovic as he stays focused after seeing the match point snatched away to hold to 15. Nadal with more pressure on his shoulders now.


NADAL 4-6 6-3 6-7 6-3 8-8 DJOKOVIC. This is an absolutely brilliant match for the spectator. Nadal saves the match point and finishes it off from deuce with his ninth ace of the contest.


In-game update: Wow. Rafa saves it with a gutsy dropshot that leaves the No.12 seed on the floor.


A big serve - and it's advantage Nadal.


In-game update: Rafa misses a routine crosscourt forehand as he blazes it into the net to trail 15-30.

He moves level with a wonderful overhead after being on the defensive throughout a superb rally.

Djoker defends strong though and Rafa fires a backhand wide down the line.



NADAL 4-6 6-3 6-7 6-3 7-8 DJOKOVIC. Rafa attacks big, but it's errors from Djokovic that put the No.12 seed in a pickle. A double fault offers up two break points, but he leans on the big serve again and notches ace No.22 to save them. A wonderful Nadal forehand clips the line for a third, but Djoker manages a sensational pass with Rafa at the net to stave it off. The Serbinator hones in on the hold with another blistering crosscourt winner and eventually collects after both players give it absolutely everything.

What a game! Rafa may well look back and rue that one though.


NADAL 4-6 6-3 6-7 6-3 7-7 DJOKOVIC. Nole is fuming with himself. He leaks errors from a 15-30 situation and Rafa takes full advantage, racing through the gears to level again. Djokovic needs to calm himself quickly after screaming at his box in Serbian.


NADAL 4-6 6-3 6-7 6-3 6-7 DJOKOVIC. The Serb rattles in ace number 21 and 22 as he cruises through a routine hold to 15. Nadal not really making any inroads in the last few return games after going so close to breaking. Who will blink first? Djokovic with another chance to come out all guns blazing now.

Novak Djokovic - Rafael Nadal, Wimbledon 2018

NADAL 4-6 6-3 6-7 6-3 6-6 DJOKOVIC. The world number one is purring at times. The trademark forehand does plenty of damage as he surges to a hold to 15. Djoker with no time to reflect on a bad miss with a crosscourt pass into the net in the first point of the game.


NADAL 4-6 6-3 6-7 6-3 5-6 DJOKOVIC. Nadal can't come up with the goods as Djoker blocks his attempted pass with a smart volley at 30-15. A beastly serve seals the deal and the Serb turns the screw once more. Nadal is a fighter, but how long can his serve hold up playing catch-up like this?


Very true.


NADAL 4-6 6-3 6-7 6-3 5-5 DJOKOVIC. That is some serving under duress from Nadal. At 0-30 he's in big trouble, but crunches three big serves and a seventh ace to drag himself level again.


NADAL 4-6 6-3 6-7 6-3 4-5 DJOKOVIC. A trio of unforced errors, with two off the forehand gift Nadal two break points. Djokovic feels the stress but rallies with a timely 20th ace and a big serve Rafa can't get back. The Serb just about survives Nadal scampering to prod an angled volley wide before gliding a crosscourt backhand winner way beyond the world No.1's reach. Huge pressure for Nadal now. If he fails to hold, Djoker will be in the final.


NADAL 4-6 6-3 6-7 6-3 4-4 DJOKOVIC. What a fighter Nadal is. He's pushed to deuce where Djoker earns a break point. The Spaniard finds a big serve to stay alive and then crunches two explosive forehands to move level.


NADAL 4-6 6-3 6-7 6-3 3-4 DJOKOVIC. Nadal sizzles a crosscourt backhand just long and Djoker holds to 15 again. Any slip now will be curtains, but it's tricky for Nadal as he wins fewer cheap points on serve and has the added burden of playing catch-up on the scoreboard.


NADAL 4-6 6-3 6-7 6-3 3-3 DJOKOVIC. Aces five and six sandwich two ferocious forehands as Nadal motors through a routine hold. It's about to get very serious from here. You sense, Nadal will need the break soon or his serve is going to come under real pressure. Djokovic has had far more break points, but has only won 3 of 16 compared to Nadal's 4 from 6.

Novak Djokovic aux prises avec Rafael Nadal en demi-finale du tournoi de Wimbledon

NADAL 4-6 6-3 6-7 6-3 2-3 DJOKOVIC. The 12th seed follows suit as he shrugs off dropping the first point on serve to rattle through some short points courtesy of winners off both wings and a 19th ace.


NADAL 4-6 6-3 6-7 6-3 2-2 DJOKOVIC. This is world-class tennis. Nadal absolutely kills Nole with a sumptuous dropshot after an epic rally to open the game. The Serb can only watch on as the world number one races away from there, crunching a forehand winner before a big serve and a fourth ace clinch an emphatic love hold.


NADAL 4-6 6-3 6-7 6-3 2-1 DJOKOVIC. Nadal comes out attacking but blows what should have been a winning forehand wide at 15-15. Djoker then wrong-foots him with a glorious backhand pass before his 18th ace eases him ahead.


NADAL 4-6 6-3 6-7 6-3 1-1 DJOKOVIC. The almost constant pressure that seems to come on the Nadal serve is surely going to pay off for Djokovic at some point... He has a look-in at 15-30 when Nadal hits a third double fault of the match, but the Spaniard manages to rally once more and drag himself level.


PREDICTION UPDATE: Well, Rafa has done it again. It won't be Djokovic in four. Time to give up on the tips (but I still think the Serb will prevail...)


NADAL 4-6 6-3 6-7 6-3 0-1 DJOKOVIC. The scoreboard advantage can be psychologically important in a fifth set and Novak snares it with a love hold.


Looks like Serena and Angie are going to be waiting a little while for the ladies' singles final. We are already past the proposed 2pm start time for that one.


SET! - NADAL 4-6 6-3 6-7 6-3 DJOKOVIC. That is so gritty and quite brilliant from the 17-time Grand Slam champion. He looks to have choked as a second double fault of the match offers up three break back points. But somehow the Spaniard saves all three before a block volley at the net sees him deny Djoker the pass. An ace called out, that he challenges correctly, makes it five points in a row and sees him force a decider. Wow.

LONDON, ENGLAND - JULY 11: Rafael Nadal of Spain celebrates winning a point against Juan Martin Del Potro of Argentina during their Men's Singles Quarter-Finals match on day nine of the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships at All England Lawn Tennis and Cr

BREAK! - NADAL 4-6 6-3 6-7 5-3 DJOKOVIC. That is magnificent. When Nadal flips the switch Djokovic can't live with him. A backhand up the line, a brutal return and more fizz off the crosscourt backhand see him break to 30. Nadal now has a chance to take us into a fifth - but will he hold? He's had a lot of trouble on serve in this match and Djoker will go after it now.


NADAL 4-6 6-3 6-7 4-3 DJOKOVIC. That's an important hold for Nadal. He produces a quite sensational overhead while back pedalling at speed before a big serve puts him in charge. Nole forces the forehand error out of the Spaniard, who avoids more pressure from deuce when the Serb lashes a backhand long.


NADAL 4-6 6-3 6-7 3-3 DJOKOVIC. The Serbinator ties it up. He looks to have ridden out the early Nadal storm and is playing steady tennis, luring errors from his opponent. A 15th ace of the match and a sublime volley to cut out Rafa's attempted pass illustrate his dominance on serve as he easily holds to 15.


BREAK! - NADAL 4-6 6-3 6-7 3-2 DJOKOVIC. Nole strikes back! Rafa pretty much gifts it to him as two surprising and very costly errors leak off his forehand after a poor volley was gleefully swept crosscourt by Djoker for 15-30.


NADAL 4-6 6-3 6-7 3-1 DJOKOVIC. Novak halts the Rafa charge to get on the board with some cheap points. He breezes through a welcome easy game to love. Still plenty left in this set.


NADAL 4-6 6-3 6-7 3-0 DJOKOVIC. Nadal is being so positive and aggressive. He's in the zone right now and produces a quite splendid love hold as the winners flow off his forehand in jaw-dropping fashion.


We'll see.


BREAK! - NADAL 4-6 6-3 6-7 2-0 DJOKOVIC. After being firmly on the defensive, Nadal springs forward and completely overwhelms the Serb. Some imperious play at the net chalks up two break points and he duly converts on the first as Nole finds a sizzling crosscourt backhand too hot to handle.


NADAL 4-6 6-3 6-7 1-0 DJOKOVIC. That's some hold. The Spaniard produces several magnificent winners off both flanks, but he's almost always on the defensive. Djoker isn't shy with the winners either as he presses his opponent to deuce again and again. Nadal lives very dangerously as he fends off two break points but somehow digs out a hold after an epic 16 minutes on serve.


So, we are under the roof again.

Nadal will kick off Set 4 by serving first.


Warm-up almost done. Time for the resumption of what was developing into something of a classic last night.

I predicted Djokovic to win in three after that first set - I was wrong as Rafa roared back! But after the Serb took that enthralling tie break, I'm (@paul_hassall on Twitter) tipping him to do it in four now.


Welcome back!

It's Saturday afternoon and it's time for Rafael Nadal versus Novak Djokovic part 52 - the conclusion.

The players are due back on Centre Court shortly.


Play will resume on Saturday afternoon. Join us again for the conclusion of this one. It's been quite spectacular.


SET! - NADAL 4-6 6-3 6-7 DJOKOVIC. Novak regains the advantage just past the 23:00 BST cut off point! He takes a rollercoaster breaker 11-9 and is one set away from a final showdown with Kevin Anderson. Nadal with it all to do when play concludes on Saturday.

Novak Djokovic schlägt Roger Federer im Finale von Wimbledon

TB LATEST: Djokovic has a second set point but this time it's on his serve as he picks up a half volley from Nadal and drills it across court. It's 10-9 to Novak.


TB LATEST: It's 9-9 as Djokovic returns long. We are at 23:00 BST but the tie break will be allowed to conclude.


TB LATEST: Nadal returns long twice as the Djoker serve gets the Serb out of trouble. It's 9-8 to Nole and the heat is on Nadal now.


TB LATEST: Nole saves it! He gives Nadal the dropshot treatment and it's 7-7. Rafa feels the nerves but manages to edge 8-7 in front with another clever drop shot!


TB LATEST: Nadal hooks a return wide and it's 6-6. Nadal responds and unloads a crosscourt forehand winner. Nadal leads 7-6 and will serve for the set next.


TB LATEST: Nadal squares it at 5-5 and then grabs set point with another brilliant drop shot. Djoker to serve at 6-5 down.


TB LATEST: A sublime drop shot bamboozles Djokovic and Nadal snares the mini break back. It's 5-4 to Djoker with two Nadal serves to come.


TB LATEST: Djoker claims a mini break right at the death to lead 4-2 at the change of ends. Nadal frustrated after missing a volley at the net.


NADAL 4-6 6-3 6-6 DJOKOVIC. Nerves of steel from Rafa. He opens with an anxious double fault but turns the tide with a brilliant volley to finish an exhilarating rally. The Spaniard stays solid and forces the tie break with a hold to 30.


NADAL 4-6 6-3 5-6 DJOKOVIC. Nadal raises the temperature for Nole with some awesome defence before crushing a forehand winner for 0-30. Nole responds with some big serving and gets out of dodge to pile the pressure back on Rafa.


NADAL 4-6 6-3 5-5 DJOKOVIC. Nole can't turn the screw. Nadal corks a forehand winner and a crushing forehand winner on his way to a hold to 15.


NADAL 4-6 6-3 4-5 DJOKOVIC. Nole overcomes a first double fault of the match to reel off four points in a row. Big pressure for Nadal now, who must hold to stay in the set.


NADAL 4-6 6-3 4-4 DJOKOVIC. All square. This is a high quality battle. It's the type of contest tennis has been missing recently. Nadal crunches an overhead after an eye-catching face-off at the net. Djoker retorts with a brilliant forehand return winner, but Rafa raises it again and a pair of glorious forehand belters help him ease through.


NADAL 4-6 6-3 3-4 DJOKOVIC. Nole keeps his nose in front as we enter the business end of the set. The Serb nails a 12th ace but sees 30-0 turn awkward at 30-30. A lovely wrong-footing backhand off a wide serve gets him back on track before Nadal returns long to let his opponent off the hook.


NADAL 4-6 6-3 3-3 DJOKOVIC. That quite stunning. Nadal rampages back from 0-30 and sizzles a forehand winner down the line to finish with a flurry.


NADAL 4-6 6-3 2-3 DJOKOVIC. A wonderful baseline rally ends in Djoker's favour before a near miss and wayward return from Nadal give the Serb breathing space. Ace number 11 concludes a rapid love hold.

Novak Djokovic - Wimbledon 2017

NADAL 4-6 6-3 2-2 DJOKOVIC. That's quote sublime from Rafa. His serve is doing some damage right now and the forehand is purring. Throw in a super drop shot and it's another love hold.


NADAL 4-6 6-3 1-2 DJOKOVIC. No look-in for Nadal as Djokovic's high first serve percentage continues to win him cheap points. The Serb notches a 10th ace to seal a hold to 15.


NADAL 4-6 6-3 1-1 DJOKOVIC. Rafa comes out on top in a quite stunning opening rally and then dominates to level to love. Djoker correctly challenged a strange call by the umpire when a Rafa serve was clearly out. The Serb looked bewildered, but it did little to distract Nadal who made quick work of the game.


NADAL 4-6 6-3 0-1 DJOKOVIC. The 12th seed pulls off a superb hold from 30-30 with an ace down the middle T and a wonderful, deep forehand as he looked to be on the back foot.


Oh ye of little faith. My prediction of Novak in straight sets has been shot down by a stunning rise in Nadal's level. Djoker did dip and paid the price. This is so finely poised at the moment and proving to be a real thriller.


SET! - NADAL 4-6 6-3 DJOKOVIC. Nadal pulls level, but it's far from routine! Djokovic goes on the attack and puts Rafa's serve through the mill once more. They both know how big this game is and they produce some of the best tennis of the contest so far. Djoker sees two break points disappear and Rafa takes full advantage with a wonderful backhand winner down the line before Nole arrows wide.

Nadal frente a Del Potro en Wimbledon

NADAL 4-6 5-3 DJOKOVIC. Nole regains some of the focus that saw him put Rafa to the sword earlier in this match. He chalks up the hold to 30 with a cheeky volley at the net after Nadal had made it interesting with a forehand return winner with more than a little zip. Over to the world No.1 now to try and serve out the set.


NADAL 4-6 5-2 DJOKOVIC. Nadal is moving Djokovic around much more now and the wide serve he was shying away from is paying off. He lands only a second ace of the match on his way to a love hold to consolidate with aplomb.


BREAK! - NADAL 4-6 4-2 DJOKOVIC. Wow! Rafa has just upped his game a notch! Some sublime reactions to flip a half volley right on the line seem to get Djoker out of trouble at 0-30. He then miscues a volley to his benefit and lands a big first serve. Nadal presses him to deuce and earns a break point with a vicious backhand-forehand combo. The Spaniard doesn't take that, but does secure the break on the second opportunity as he follows up a stunning dropshot with a mesmerising forehand winner.


BREAK! - NADAL 4-6 3-2 DJOKOVIC. That's some response! Djokovic bites right back, demolishing the Nadal serve to 15. He seals the deal with some wonderful angle on a crosscourt forehand winner and roars with delight. That was a big game for Nadal. He needed to consolidate to try to turn the tide hid way. You sense Nole still has the momentum at this point.


BREAK! - NADAL 4-6 3-1 DJOKOVIC. Finally Rafa starts to pose some of his own questions. He drills a trademark forehand down the line for 0-30 before Djoker inexplicably lashes a shot off the same flank wide with the point on his racket. The Serb wilts for the first time and tamely coughs up the break when he is caught out by the low angle of Nadal's clever crosscourt return.


NADAL 4-6 2-1 DJOKOVIC. Nadal is struggling to find the answers here. Djokovic is relentlessly penetrating his defences and nullifying his spin. The Spaniard is a fighter though and saves two BPs, which hugely frustrates Novak who screams his dismay in Serbian. It's music to Rafa's ears as he conjures up a precious hold.

Rafa Nadal

NADAL 4-6 1-1 DJOKOVIC. Nadal finally puts some pressure on the Serb's serve, but can't snare the break point from deuce despite some impressive defensive work. Novak draws level with a big serve.


NADAL 4-6 1-0 DJOKOVIC. That's a massive hold for Nadal. He plays catch up throughout, hitting back from 0-30 before saving a BP at 30-40. Djokovic presses him back with some wonderful depth, but the world number one just about escapes. He's fighting for his life on his service games and making little impression on Djoker's. He needs to change that soon or there's only going to be one winner here.


And Rafa looks in trouble in his opening service game in Set 2.


I'm not alone it seems. Djokovic looks like he needs this more than Nadal, which is rare as Rafa is such an incredible competitor.


Prediction - Djokovic will win this in straight sets and get it done before 11pm.


SET! - NADAL 4-6 DJOKOVIC. The 12-time Grand Slam champion has the edge over the 17-time Grand Slam champion as he ruthlessly serve out the opener to love. It's been 47 spell-binding minutes and there's no doubt Djoker has been the better player so far.

Novak Djokovic Wimbledon 2017

NADAL 4-5 DJOKOVIC. It's the best service game of the match for Nadal, who is mixing up his deliveries now. He holds to love and it's over to Novak to serve it out now.

LONDON, ENGLAND - JULY 11: Rafael Nadal of Spain looks on against Juan Martin Del Potro of Argentina during their Men's Singles Quarter-Finals match on day nine of the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships at All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club on July

NADAL 3-5 DJOKOVIC. This is vintage Novak. He consolidates to 15 with ease. The world number one is in a real pickle already here.


BREAK! - NADAL 3-4 DJOKOVIC. It's been coming! Djokovic has the tactics and the weapons to hurt Nadal - and he does! The Spaniard coughs up three break points and can only save one as the Serb's return game pays major dividends.

Novak Djokovic

NADAL 3-3 DJOKOVIC. There's the first glitch on the Serbinator's serve. He flashes a backhand long to trail 15-30 but recovers well with winners off either flank. A wild forehand helps Nadal get to deuce, but a kick serve and a simple crosscourt winner ease the 12th seed over the line.


NADAL 3-2 DJOKOVIC. That's a let off and a big relief for Nadal.

Djokovic produces some sensational defence to make Rafa play an overhead that he surprisingly miscues. It tees up a break point that the Serb snatches at. Nadal saves a second BP with a lovely volley and then gets a lucky net cord on a pick-up that Djoker would have been all over.


NADAL 2-2 DJOKOVIC. Another routine hold to 15 for Novak as the Rafa forehand malfunctions on return.

Djokovic, en su enfrentamiento ante Khachanov

NADAL 2-1 DJOKOVIC. Novak knocks on the door again but Rafa slams it shut. Nadal has his chances to get it done from 30-0 and 40-30 but Djoker presses him back behind the baseline and forces the errors. The Serbinator has a big shout at a break point but opts to pass straight at Nadal and from there the Spaniard finds some big serves to stay in front.


NADAL 1-1 DJOKOVIC. Nole starts and finishes with an ace as he eases through a very tidy hold to 15. Djokovic looking the more dangerous early doors.


NADAL 1-0 DJOKOVIC. That's a tough opener, but it's ultimately a hold for Rafa. Nole kicks off with a sweeping winner up the line that the world number one just watches and admires. The Serb then benefits from seeing a trademark forehand from the Spaniard spin an inch out. Nadal recovers to 40-30 but Novak's attack forces an error to make deuce. Rafa crunches an overhead before Djoker rushes a forehand and dumps it into the net.


Here we go. Nadal is serving first.


The roof is closed on Centre Court, which may well favour Djokovic.


Rafa and Novak are finally on court and running through the warm-up. The showdown everyone has been waiting will be underway shortly.


The winner of this match will face Kevin Anderson on Sunday after the South African won an epic five-set battle with John Isner.


Rafa and Novak have had to wait a LONG time today. Will that be a factor in who prevails? Who will handle the wait the best?


Djokovic: "I'm really not thinking about being an underdog or being a favourite. I just try to build the momentum. Obviously I've been very pleased with the way I've played so far on the grass court season."

Novak Djokovic of Serbia

Nadal: "There is no one other match in the history of tennis that has been played more than our match. That's a big thing. We always played in important stages, important places."

Djokovic vs Nadal

The two giants of the game have met three times on grass - twice at Wimbledon. Djokovic prevailed in their last showdown at SW19 when he won the 2011 final 6-4 6-1 1-6 6-3. Nadal won 7-6 7-5 in the 2008 final at Queens while the Spaniard triumphed in their first meeting at Wimbledon in 2007. Djoker took the first set of the semi final 6-3 but lost the second 6-1 before retiring at 4-1 down in the third.

Djokovic-Nadal - Wimbledon 2018

HEAD-TO-HEAD: This is the 52nd meeting which makes it the most played encounter between two men in the Open era. Djokovic leads the match-up 26-25 but Nadal has won the two most recent meetings. Prior to that, Nole had won 11 of the 12 previous clashes.

Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic

It's almost time for the second men's semi final at Wimbledon 2018 - with Anderson and Isner deep into a fifth set - and it's the one everyone on Centre Court has been waiting for. It's 18-Grand Slam champion and world number one, Rafael Nadal against 12-time Grand Slam champion and former world number one, Novak Djokovic.

Novak Djokovic vs Rafael Nadal