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Wimbledon women • Semifinal

Jelena Ostapenko - Angelique Kerber
Wimbledon women - 12 July 2018

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So there we go. Kerber's serve and solidity were too much for Ostapenko, who couldn't find a way to relax herself. The match was there for her, but she just blazed at everything, got annoyed when it didn't work, and by the time she righted herself the match was done.

Next up, it's Julia Goerges and Serena Williams - stick with me for that.


Ostapenko 3-6 3-6 Kerber -

Have a look! A winner down the line pushes Ostapenko ahead, but then a serve out wide and a crouching forehand winner make it 15-all. But Kerber then nets from a similar position and suddenly it's her frustrated, whacking the grass. A serve out wide gets her out of trouble though ... until a weak second serve comes back and she goes long! Break point! Aaaargh! Ostapenko nets a return for deuce, then another to a second serve, and here's match point again! Ostapenko pounds a second serve, punishes the ball on her forehand, Kerber hangs in there, waits for the error, and MAKES THE WIMBLEDON FINAL!


Ostapenko 3-6 3-5 Kerber -

Ostapenko is warming again, racing to 40-0 only for Kerber to force back into the game at 40-30. But she then nets a backhand, and Kerber will have to serve for it a second time...


Ostapenko 3-6 2-5 Kerber -

Two more errors from Ostapenko give Kerber 30-0 - she's done brilliantly to let Ostapenko play herself out of this - but then an error and a winner, coming after some excellent hitting, give her a glimmer. And then another winner, backhand down the line, snatches break point, quickly snuffed out with the serve out wide which has worked almost every time today. Ostapenko, though, isn't going away earning another break point ... erased via ace down the middle. Then, when Ostapenko nets a return and in less than an hour, Kerber has match point ... saved with more thunderous hitting. Ostapenko then goes again, a return sweeping Kerber off her feet, before another bazzer gives her one break back! Ok, what have we here?


Ostapenko 3-6 1-5 Kerber -

Ostapenko gets to 30-15 with an ace then takes some pace off a forehand but still looks for a winner, going long. And when she hooks a backhand wide, she drops her racket to perform shouting - she seems rattled that plan A, whack is all the time, hasn't worked against a player as classy as Kerber. Then, playing break point, Ostapenko dominates again, then shanks a forehand wide, as Kerber will now serve for the match.


Ostapenko 3-6 1-4 Kerber -

Smarter play from Ostapenko, who is still hitting hard but not hardest, and looking for near the line not the line. It gets her to 0-15, and though she then nets, some belting backhands nudge her ahead in the game again. Kerber, though, isn't having it and her forehand deals with the next rally, then another error from Ostapenko, then another, takes Kerber very close.


Ostapenko 3-6 1-3 Kerber -

Ostapenko needs an easy game but she's not getting it, Kerber there for 30-all. But then nets a return and can't return a big serve, which appears to lift yergirl's mood..


Ostapenko 3-6 0-3 Kerber -

Ostapenko is starting to lose her equilibrium, chuntering away and glaring at her box. I'm not sure how she comeback here because just hoping to miss less isn't going to work against someone as clever and as good as Kerber, who holds to 15.


Ostapenko 3-6 0-2 Kerber -

More of the same: a forehand winner, a forehand unforced error. The problem for Ostapenko is that Kerber is making her hit balls that are coming back are her hard, flat and well, and it's quickly 15-40. Ostapenko surely has to have a think about her approach here, and she saves the first break point with a forehand down the line, then opens the court with a serve out wide only to net a backhand. She's in big, big trouble.


Ostapenko 3-6 0-1 Kerber -

At 15-0, Ostapenko unleashes again, battering Kerber to hither and yon before spanking a winner. But then she nets a regulation forehand and within seconds the game is gone.

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Ostapenko 3-6 Kerber -

Ostapenko is just ridiculous, her usual array of booming winners and errors getting us to 30-all. But then she nets a forehand after a longish rally and must defend set point ... but serves a double! Oh dear. Ostapenko has totally dominated and yet has fallen behind, conclusively. Will she change to a more circumspect style, because Kerber is giving her nothing, or will she carry on hitting and hope to miss less?


Ostapenko 3-5 Kerber -

Kerber races to 40-0 but then Ostapennko climbs into her, waiting for a wide serve and punishing it, then clouting a forehand winner. Her weight of shot is regularly forcingKerber onto her haunches and another huge forehand helps her to deuce ... whereupon a big serve and an ace see Kerber home.

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Ostapenko 3-4 Kerber -

At 30-all, Ostapenko serves a double and must face break point for the third game. She dominates the next rally, this time with her backhand, but then overhits her attempted winner with Kerber nowhere.


Ostapenko 3-3 Kerber -

Ostapenko misses a forehand for 15-30, then nets a backhand as McEnroe notes how strange it is that the Slam which rewards patience most, the French, is the one that she's won. In the meantime, Kerber nets twice for deuce - helped in both cases by some devilish forehand slice by Ostapenko - who quickly earns her first break point of the match. So Kerber thunders an ace out wide to the backhand, then Ostapenko nets a backhand and forehand, so back round we go.


Ostapenko 3-2 Kerber -

Kerber gets to 15-30 but a second serve forces her out wide and a forehand does the rest. Ostapenko, though, then nets a backhand; facing another break point, she finds a body serve that 's too good and a big serve followed by a backand winner take care of deuce and advantage. This is a funny match already: Ostapenko has hit so many winners yet has been closer to trouble than Kerber, who has done very little.


Ostapenko 2-2 Kerber -

Ostapenko misses a forehand down the line to give Kerber 15-0, then a serve is too hot for her. Kerber is warming up now, a backhand winner doing the business, and then another serve goes unreturned.


Ostapenko 2-1 Kerber -

Kerber hits her first winner of the match to get 15-all, a forehand jazzer down the line, so Ostapenko quickly adds two more of her own before going long ... and again. Deuce. What's interesting about Ostapenko is that she melds every attacking quality: power, touch, aggression and eye. Not many others have all those qualities, and we see them again as she holds with an ace and another winner.


Ostapenko 1-1 Kerber -

At 15-all, Ostapenko misses a volley to nudge ahead, but then a love backhand drop makes it 30-all. She then opens the court for a forehand winner, but goes long when she had no need to go for the line, nets a return, and Kerber is on the board. Apologies if you're wondering why this is all about Ostapenko so far, but she's dominating every point in one way or another, even the ones she loses.


Ostapenko 1-0 Kerber -

Ostapenko opens with a double, but quickly absolves herself with a glorious forehand down the line and into the corner. And there we go again: Ostapenko goes long on the forehand, then mashes a forehand winner; Kerber has hardly played a stroke in getting to 30-all. But then we have a rally, ended by another Ostapeno error; break point. Ahahahaha! She saves it saves it with a huge serve down the middle, then a succession of thunderous forehands and one clean-up backhand; and wins the game with another big serve and another winner, followed by an ace. Brilliant.


These two have never met before, but in broad terms it's snail versus hare. Kerber will be looking to move Ostapenko around and wait for the chances; Ostapenko will be looking to blaze winners. Basically, if it's her day she's very hard to beat.


Ostapenko knows that tails never fails, and as such, she will serve first.


Here they come!


Afternoon all! What a day yesterday was - how on earth do we follow that?

Well, this match has plenty of potential: both Angelique Kerber and Jelena Ostapenko have won Slams, and both compete like you can barely believe. And Kerber has the lefty thing going on, while Ostapenko has a frankly ridiculous game, taking everything on and when she's in form - as she is now - making almost everything. So draw the curtains, close the window, settle in and enjoy...