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Wimbledon women • Semifinal

Julia Görges - Serena Williams
Wimbledon women - 12 July 2018

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So that's it from me - join us tomorrow for the men's semis, and for the rest of the tournament.


Goerges did her best, and absolutely did not bottle it, but Kerber v Williams it is. If Serena serves like she does; if she plays like she did today, never mind improves as she has done in each match; it's very hard to see her losing. This was miles better than anything she's produced these last two weeks, and what a pleasure it is to see her back and so happy.


Goerges 2-6 4-6 Williams -

Surely Serena isn't having that. Here we go. She digs into Goerges, gets to 0-30, and there goes a double fault; three match points. Serena only needs one, pounding away til Goerges tries a drop and lob ... which falls long. SERENA IS BACK IN THE WIMBLEDON FINAL, 10 MONTHS AFTER THE BIRTH OF HER DAUGHTER! WHAT A TOTAL HERO!


Goerges 2-6 4-5 Williams -

New balls, just what Goerges needs. But she starts well, going on the attack and forcing a forehand error. And look at this! Georges wins the next point, and the next, a backhand cross-court setting up the wrongfooting forehand. She loves that, and has three break points, her first of the match. Serena saves the first with a backhand cross-court, the second with a mahoosive serve down the middle ... but what a return from Goerges to seal the break-back! She hops and skips back to her seat and well she might!


Goerges 2-6 3-5 Williams -

I think we all know what's going to happen here. Goerges takes the first point of the game but then goes wide with a backhand; Serena can't take immediate advantage, returning long. 30-15, turned into 40 by a big serve, forehand and backhand volley. Goerges hasn't played badly today, she's just been outclassed like so many before her, and when Serena forces her wide with a backhand, she can only net. Still, she responds with another big serve, Serena nets, and will have to serve ferit.


Goerges 2-6 2-5 Williams -

Goerges takes the Williams serve apart! Only joking. Another love hold, and this is ominous - Serena is absolutely blazing here.


Goerges 2-6 2-4 Williams -

Loose from Goerges, who seems slightly frazzled by the pressure - understandably so. An error and a double put her in all sorts, but she responds with a forehand winner and one which clips the line, prompting Serena to net .. except next, Serena hoists a lob which looked to me like it was going out ... Martina disagrees but what does she know ... and so does Goerges who plays it, and Serena then chases down a short ball to pass. Break point, converted when Goerges, in desperation, tries her first drop of the match and can't quite coax it over the net. We're very nearly done here.


Goerges 2-6 2-3 Williams -

The cube root of nowt is the answer. Serena holds to love and Goerges is looking for a purple patch in a breaker, basically - if she can hang on that long.


Goerges 2-6 2-2 Williams -

Georges is back looking confident again, her first serve working nicely. She holds to 15, but what does she have for Serena?


Goerges 2-6 1-2 Williams -

Georges goes after Serena, but Serena hangs in there then a big forehand grants her the easy put-away. And what happens next?! Serena catches the line with a slice, Goerges is too far away from it to begin with, and left cursing when the ball checks. 30-0 ahead, the rest of the game disappears in a puff of smoke.


Goerges 2-6 1-1 Williams -

An ace gets Goerges back into things - she's lost five games in a row, while Serena made only four unforced errors in that entire first set. At 30-0 she delivers another ace, and a big serve down the middle earns her a love hold.


Goerges 2-6 0-1 Williams -

Goerges needs to get Serena running, not just side to side, but backwards and forwards - I don't think she's tried a single drop. In the meantime, Serena's serve, probably the most devastating shot in the history of tennis, is dictating - if it fires, there's very little anyone can do, and she holds easily to 15.


Goerges 2-6 Williams -

Serena is having her way with Goerges now, a huge forehand then a wasting of a second serve taking her to 0-30. Oh dear; a double comes next, and that's three set points for the greatest ... and she only needs one, the pressure too much for Goerges who goes wide with a forehand.


Goerges 2-5 Williams -

Goerges runs around her backhand to spank a forehand return winner past Williams, but her next return goes long. Serena is purring now, and her favourite forehand cross-court is just too much - in commentary, Martina notes that Goerges' backswing is too significant to cope with the speed.


Goerges 2-4 Williams -

A winner apeice means we're at 15-all, then an unforced error apiece takes us to 30-all. Williams is coming, earning a break point, and my word does she attack it, some humungous backhands far too much for Goerges. Serena isn't moving perfectly yet, but her serve and her hitting aren't far off. Good luck breaking back...

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Goerges 2-3 Williams -

Serena is warming up, spanking a serve out wide, then crouching low, Kerber-style, to spank a clean-up forehand. But we end up at 30-all, so down comes a huge serve - that part of her game is functioning well ; it's why she's here really, and it sets up the next point too, clinched with a devastating forehand.


Goerges 2-2 Williams -

Goerges slams down an ace for 30-0, but at 40-0 goes long. She's playing pretty nicely though, and Serena nets a backhand so we're back all-square.


Goerges 1-2 Williams -

Tricky service game for Williams, which I know from the score but not because I saw it, because my iPlayer crashed. But she gets to advantage ... only to net a forehand. So she vaults into an ace down the middle, then another big one in that direction forces Goerges to return long. This has the makings.

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Goerges 1-1 Williams -

Goerges delivers more aces than anyone else on tour, and her big serve quickly gets her to 30--0. Serena hasn't yet played anyone in the top 50, so the number 13 seed ought to have something new for her. But from 40-0 Serena wins two points and interrupts the next rally to point out a ball that dropped out; Hawkeye proves her correct, and when she steps into the next return, has a break point. It looks like she's converting it too, but Georges defends well then strikes with a backhand to open up the court before finishing off the point and wins the next too. An ace follows, and we're all-square.


Goerges 0-1 Williams -

Serena holds to 15, thanks mainly to her serve. Then, at change of ends, she goes by the umpire's chair not by the other side, as is her habit; in commentary, Martina is shocked.


So will Goerges, in her first Slam semi, be able to rise to this, or will Serena, in her 35th Slam semi, sweep her away? We're about find out, as Serena prepares to serve.


Julia Goerges has a lovely story: she decided her career wasn't working, so she scrapped everything and started again. Now, at 29, here she is in her first Grand Slam semi!


Here they come!


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Afternoon all! So, Angelique Kerber awaits the winner of this match ... and it's hard to see how that isn't Serena. Goerges is a good player, but she's not beaten anyone serious to get to this point, while Serena has improved with each round. Still, she's not there yet, so you never know...