Novak Djokovic’s mum Dijana Djokovic has accused Roger Federer of being arrogant at the epic 2019 Wimbledon final.
In an interview with Serbian outlet Sport Blic, she was quoted as saying: “In a stadium where everyone was cheering on Roger Federer, we were just a handful of fans for Novak.
“It’s not nice that I’m annoyed by Federer or others at such moments. But it annoyed me because Federer is a bit arrogant.”
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The match – which lasted four hours and 57 minutes – was the longest singles final in the tournament’s history, and in which Djokovic successfully defended nine match points to go on and win the title.
Former world no. 1 and three-times Wimbledon finalist Andy Roddick, leapt to eight-times Wimbledon champion Federer’s defence.
Speaking to the Tennis Channel, Roddick described the comments as “unnecessary”, adding: “I think it [arrogant] probably wouldn’t be in one of my first 6000 words that I would use to describe Roger Federer.”
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