Mongolia ready for 2017 SU in Taipei

Mongolia ready for 2017 SU in Taipei

13/08/2017 at 09:09Updated 13/08/2017 at 09:50

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ULAANBAATAR - On 11 August, the Mongolian Student Sports Federation (MSSF) organized a farewell ceremony and team meeting for the Mongolian delegation heading to the 2017 Summer Universiade. The ceremony took place in the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Sports in Ulaanbaatar city and was attended by Mr. Chuluunbaatar G., Minister of  Education, Culture, Science and Sports; Mr. Gan-Erdene, Active State Secretary Ministry of  Education, Culture, Science and Sports; Mr. Kheruuga T., Frist Vice President of the NUSF Mongolia; Mr. Jargalsaikhan D.,FISU CIC Vice Chair and Secretary General of NUSF Mongolia; Mr. B. Jigjid Secretary General of the Mongolian Student Union presenting their sincere greetings to all delegation members and wished success to athletes and leaders of the 9 involved sports federations and universities Presidents and leaders.

The ceremony was attended by all Mongolian participants who will travel to Taipei, involving 76 delegates, with student-athletes involved in 9 sports including athletics, swimming, judo, table tennis, weightlifting, billiard, fencing, golf and taekwondo. Almost all of the 51 athletes and 25 officials who will travel to Taipei.

Furthermore, D. Jargalsaikhan, Head of delegation, explained in a short video presentation general information about the Taipei Universiade and how the federation plans to expand the existing support network for student-athletes. Assistant Head of Delegation Mrs. Erdenetuya Ch., followed with information about the Athletes’ Village, the competition venues and the training facilities.

During the farewell ceremony, Mr. Tumenbayar M., Gold medalist at the 2017 Asian taekwondo championships and Ms. Anuuji, Silver medalist of the 2017 Asian Junior weightlifting Championships took the oath on behalf of all Mongolian competitors while students from Culture University presented their show to the participants.

“We selected this delegation of 51 athletes from 18 universities and colleges. I hope that the Mongolian team of student-athletes can be one of the powerful competitors,” Mr. Chuluunbaatar G., Minister of Education, Culture, Science and Sports said. He handed out the Mongolian national flag to judo players Mr. Sugarjargal B., Kazan 2013 Universiade champion and flagbearer for the Mongolian delegation.

The Mongolian delegation is headed by D. Jargalsaikhan, Vice President of AUSF, FISU CIC Vice Chair and Secretary General NUSF Mongolia, assistant to HOD Mr. Batsaikhan, Vice President of NUSF and officer of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Sports, Mrs. Erdenetuya, Executive Director NUSF Mongolia. The Mongolian team brings 3 international referees and judges to the Games, i.e. D. Enkhtuvshin (Judo), B. Odgerel (Weightlifting) and M. Munkhbileg (Table Tennis). At the FISU Conference in Taipei University 1 Mongolian speaker will present an abstracts. Mongolian national MNB television stations will air translated live broadcasts of the Universiade 2017.

Medal contenders on the Mongolian delegation are judo, taekwondo, athletics and weightlifting.

The first group of Mongolian athletes will travel to Taipei on 14 August.

(Source: J. Enkhnaran, Press Attaché NUSF Mongolia)