India’s Ravi Kumar Dahiya was bitten by his opponent in bizarre scenes in the semi-final of the men’s 57kg freestyle wrestling competition at Tokyo 2020.
Cameras spotted Kazakhstan’s Nurislam Sanayev sinking his teeth in the arm of Dahiya and leaving a visibly painful mark on the Indian wrestler.
Dahiya upset the two-time world wrestling champion in the semi-final with the underdog coming out on top in the thrilling encounter.
Tokyo 2020
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But the match will be remembered for the shocking moment when Sanayev bit his opponent.
Dahiya had overturned a 9-2 deficit and had Sanayev pinned to the mat. It was then that Sanayev sunk his teeth into Dahiya’s bicep, leaving a nasty mark, but it was not enough to force the Indian wrestler to release his takedown.
With pictures showing the extent of the injury, Dahiya was given an ice pack for the bite and went on to compete in the final – which he narrowly lost to Russia’s Zaur Uguev.

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Speaking after the match, Dahiya admitted he was frustrated with his performance against Sanayev, but made no mention of the biting incident.
“I had no business conceding that much lead against Sanayev. I am not happy with it,” Dahiya told Press Trust of India.
“I still have some unfinished business to do. I came with a target here and that is not complete yet.”
It is not the first time at these Games that opponents have been guilty of biting. Morocco’s Youness Baalla tried to latch onto New Zealand’s David Nyika ear during their boxing clash.
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