17/10/10 - 03:00
Australian Grand Prix
Phillip Island Circuit • Race

Australian Grand Prix - 17 October 2010

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Just to confirm with two races to go. Marquez is 12 points clear of Terol in second and 17 ahead of Espargaro in third.


Marquez does show he is human though by looking at himself on the big screen on the lap of honour and going off the track! Join us again soon for Moto2 at Phillip Island.


The remarkable Marc Marquez finishes first once more, Espargaro second and Terol third. Smith is provisionally given fourth but it will be a photo finish between him and Vazquez.


To confirm Marquez five seconds up on Espargaro, Terol five further back and Smith and Vazquez taking over each other in turns in fourth.


Marquez's lead under five seconds now but both first and second are comfortable with their position at present. The only question is who will get fourth between Vazquez and Smith.


Marquez is happy with his five second lead which will be too much for Espargaro to pick up. As things stand Marquez will be 12 points clear of Terol with Espargaro five points further adrift.


Vazquez, Smith and Rabat are almost driving in a line for fourth and Vazquez has taken back position in front of the other two. Espargaro is now over 2 seconds up on Terol.


The backmarkers are accomodating for Marquez but his lead is now down to 5.3 seconds.


Marquez's lead plateaus for a time , less than seven seconds now, as he takes on the back markers on this small track.


Espargaro makes his move and is now in second place and at the same time Bradley Smith is up to fourth. This battle is not over though.


As they pass the finish line Espargaro seemed to be watching Terol. Is he preparing to make his move soon or will he leave for the last 3 laps?


Six seconds separate Marquez from Terol and Espargaro who are still together. The glut at 4th-7th are 11 seconds back.


Smith tried a little too hard to get close to the Spaniards and now has a battle on his hands keeping Koyama from taking his sixth spot.


The lead at the front is over five seconds now as Espargaro stalks Terol plotting when to make his move.


Marquez now 4.473 ahead of Terol who is less than a second clear of Espargaro. Smith has pulled closer to the Spanish pair of Vazquez and Rabat in fourth and fifth. A second separate all three.


If the positions stay the same Marquez will be 8 points clear of Terol in the standings.


Espargaro now picking up his pace pulling back within two tenths of Terol as the second and third drivers show they are a lot closer matched than either of them are with the champion elect.


At the moment the signs don't look good for Terol as Marquez has extended his lead to 3.3 seconds. Smith has now dropped to sixth as Spaniards Vazquez and Rabat battle for fourth place.


Terol has eased past Espargaro and now sets his sights on Marquez. He is 3.159 seconds behind. Can he make any inroads into this lead?


Once more Marquez shows his great ability as a frontrunner as he goes for a ninth win of the year. He has now extended his lead to nearly two and a half secondsover Espargaro. Terol is 3.2 seconds behind the champion.


Marquez extends his lead to 1.6 seconds but Terol is the quickest man on the course at present and is just 1.4 seconds behind Espargaro.


Terol is now passed his team-mate Smith so he can make a challenge on top man Marquez. Marquez is just over a second ahead of Espargaro with Terol a could of seconds behind.


After his shocking warm-up, Cortese is now out of the race after losing control of his bike on a corner. He had already dropped down to ninth so wasn't likely to challenge anyway.


Marquez has now retaken the lead with Espargarfo second, Smith third and Terol fourth. Rabat and Vazquez still in touch in fifth and sixth.


Away we go! Marquez leads from Smith in second but the Brit is not letting him get away....and has taken the lead!


The riders are off on their warm-up lap.


We're ten minutes away from the start of the 125cc. The drivers will be glad to see the track has now dried up after horrendous weather over the weekend until now. Even this morning there were problems in the warm-up with Sandro Cortese and Sturla Fagerhaug both falling. Bradley Smith was quickest in the morning warm-up.


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