06/11/10 - 13:05
Valencia Grand Prix
Circuit de la Comunitat Valenciana Ricardo Tormo • Qualification


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So thank you very much for joining us here - we will of course have LIVE comments of all three races from Valencia on Sunday.


RESULT: 1. Stoner, 2. Lorenzo, 3. Simoncelli; 4. Rossi, 5. Hayden, 6. Spies; 7. Edwards, 8. Pedros, 9. Dovizioso; 10. Melandri, 11. De Puniet, 12. Espargaro; 13. Barbera, 14. Capirossi, 15. Aoyama, 16. Checa; 17. Bautista.


So the front row is: Stoner-Lorenzo and Simoncelli.......


1:31.799 from Stoner!!! He improves his own lap just for kicks at the end. The only man under 1:32 - superb stuff from the Australia in his final race for Ducati.


And Rossi up to fourth! He really woke up in the final few minutes...he is done now though.


Stoner and Lorenzo are both on final laps.


Lorenzo again was ahead of Stoner on the splits but that final section keeps killing him.


A bit better from Rossi as he moves up to eight....hectic finish now.


Lorenzo back out and has two more laps to try and steal pole.


Dovizioso has just gone eight which knocks Rossi out of the top 10!!!


Spies has now gone fifth so the second row is all-American - Hayden-Spies-Edwards.


Hayden has just jumped up to fourth but he actually LOST time in that section where team-mate Stoner was so good.


HUGE LAP FROM STONER - 1:31.866 - he is now on pole - he did it all in that final sector again where the Ducati really seems to fly.


We have not mentioned Ben Spies - he took a while to get going but is now seventh.


1:32.130 now from Lorenzo - that is nearly half a second faster than Stoner in third. He is the champion for a reason.


Wow - superb from Lorenzo - he has just put in a lap of 1:32.147 and that could be good enough for pole. That's very quick.


Casey Stoner VERY nearly loses control of his bike but he rescues the situation - he has had a few little moments today.


Rossi has just gone from 10th to 8th while Pedros has jumped up to fourth.


Casey Stoner VERY nearly loses control of his bike but he rescues the situation - he has had a few little moments today.


Stoner has improved his best time but Lorenzo remains in the lead.


1. Lorenzo, 2. Stoner, 3. Edwards, 4. Hayden, 5. Simoncelli, 6. De Puniet, 7. Pedrosa, 8. Dovizioso, 9. Rossi, 10. Melandri.


We are finally getting some action now - as Hayden has his best lap to move up form sixth to fourth. And Stoner is out now looking to get his lead back.


Well that was just a feeler from Edwards - superb lap of 1:32.698 and that is good enough for third.


Colin Edwards has just had his best lap but it is still only good enough for 12.


Rossi is now down in eight - does not look like he will have a dream finish to his Yamaha career.


AND NOW Lorenzo goes fastest: 1:32.604 - but he is losing time in the final section every time.


Lorenzo does post his fastest lap but he is still a tenth of a second off Stoner.


Lorenzo is back out on a flying lap.


De Puniet improves his time again but it is still not under 1:33 and he remains fourth.


Dovizioso has also just had his best lap to move up to seventh.


A lap of 1:33.127 from De Puniet sees him jump up to the top of the second row in fourth place.


Still just three riders - Stoner, Lorenzo and Simoncelli - under 1:33 at the moment - Hayden, Pedros and then Rossi come next.


Well Stoner has not been out for awhile but his second flying lap still keeps him in front.


1. Stoner, 2. Lorenzo, 3. Simoncelli, 4. Hayden, 5. Pedrosa, 6.Rossi, 7. Melandri, 8 Edwards is what we have at the moment.


Pedrosa has just posted his best lap but he is still only fifth, Lorenzo has also shaved some time off his effort but still only good enough for second.


Simoncelli and Lorenzo have now both gone under 1:33 but Stoner still remains in front.


At the moment we have a top five of: Stoner, Simoncelli, Lorenzo, De Punier, Edwards but we are in a state of flux still.


Stoner now with a really quick lap – 1:32.66 that is one of the quickest laps of the weekend so far, he then goes into the gravel moments after the lap finished. Nothing major though – he stayed on the bike.


Stoner's lap nearly two seconds ahead of anyone else at the moment but they are all still warming up.


Nicky Hayden post the first 'flying' lap but it is quickly over taken by Casey Stoner who has put down a marker of 1:33.984.


Lots of waving from Lorenzo on his out lap - we should be having our first proper laps any second now.


Lots of Lorenzo flags here today - it is his first time back in Spain since winning the World Championship.


And we are underway here in Valencia....


Casey Stoner could yet overtake Valentino Rossi in the driver standings especially given their comparative form so far this weekend.


The Valenica football team have been spotted watching the action. They lost their two best players last season but they are still doing okay.


Casey Stoner could well be the man to beat this weekend. He has been looking very fast and topped the timesheets in this morning's final free practice session.


Hello and welcome to our LIVE comments from Valencia where we are looking forward to qualification for Sunday's final race of the season. The racing starts at 13:05