07/07/12 - 12:55
Grand Prix Germany
Sachsenring • Qualification


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Stoner claims pole with 1.31.796 ahead of Spies, Pedrosa, Crutchlow, Lorenzo, Bradl, Hayen.......what a final 10 minutes to that session.


Stoner in pole with a 1.32.414....


Two minutes to go as Spies unseats Bradl with a 1.32.585. All to play for here with Bradl and Hayden battling behind them.


Spies and Crutchlow jostling for position. Spies holds the fastest time with a 1.33.001. Crutchlow second. The German fans loving, loving it as Bradl unearths a 1.32.738 to lead.


But Spies times his run perfectly to grab pole with a run of 1.33.564 only for Bradl to topple him with a 1.33.458.


Bradl back to pole! Would you believe this. Bradl takes it before Hayden nicks it back to lead with 1.33.596. An exciting end to this session.


All change at the top. They are all piling in now as Hayden sneaks into top spot with a 1.34.205. A frantic scramble for position in the closing moments.


Lorenzo takes the pole position with 1.34.390 ahead of Bradl, who is now second.


Bradl has done 15 laps. Stoner is back out having managed only nine. Lorenzo up to fourth in the rain. Bradl continues to lead the way with his 1.34.716.


Looks like we are left with the same starting grid we had at the midway point of this qualification session. Rossi is up to tenth spot for what it is worth.


The rain is getting heavier and heavier. Stoner is off the track, but remains planted in second spot. A few more bikes coming back on the track now. Bradl preparing to come back out.


Stefan Bradl leads the way, but Rossi returns to the action to see if he can improve from his 13th place in the standings. Under 20 minutes left of the session.


There are only three moving bikes left out there. The rest are parked.


Bradl had this to say about the monsoon conditions yesterday. "In those conditions it's difficult to find the proper set up but at the end we made some little adjustments that helped me to get more feeling in the wet. Unfortunately we could not fine tune the bike in the dry because of the weather but in both conditions we are prepared."


The rain continues to tumble down. Seems to be thumping into the ground harder and harder as Pasini tumbled to the deck at Turn 8 like Petrucci. A painful one for him, but he is giving the thumbs up.


Bradl has taken over the pole position from Stoner! He posts 1.34.716. Brilliant lap from the young German. That will delight the locals.


Petrucci is the latest man to bite the dust in the rain! That is a bad fall, but they are never going to be good when bike and man hit the deck in this weather. Thankfully, Petrucci is back on his feet.


And there comes Dovizioso with a brilliant, pulsating push. Finishes only 0.156 behind Stoner in second place. Times starting to come down here with Stoner out of there.


Seems to have had a problem with the throttle on the bike. Tried to inject some power into the bike coming up a hill, but there was nothing there. He continues to lead the way with his 1.34.982.


Stoner is off the track! Not sure what is going on here. No crash, but he is unhappy with the bike and has decided to get himself off the track.


The camera men are doing as well as the riders here to keep on the action. Stoner the dominant force so far. But there is more than half the session to go.


The Sachsenring is absolutely sodden. That doesn't seem to be affecting Stoner who comes in with a timely 1.34.982 to head off the rest.


But 22-year-old German hopeful Bradl is mixing it with the big boys as he speeds to a 1.35.200 to snatch top spot away from Stoner. Momentarily.


Stoner continues to lead the way with 1.34.982 from Bradl, Pedrosa and Crutchlow. More fun and games one suspects before this session is over.


Almost Groundhog Day as Barbera goes to ground at some speed around the same curve as Pirro. He is on his feet, but is hobbling. That is going to be some gravel rash to deal with. Not what you want to be confronting.


A really horrific moment for Pirro there, who lost the bike and his faculties for a moment as him and his bike went south. Not for the faint hearted. At least he is back on his feet.


Bradl was briefly on top, but Pedrosa puts together another fast lap of 1.37.716 to nose off Rossi, who has just come in some 0.474 off the pace to lie second.


Pedrosa takes over at the top with his run of 1.37.716. The times come tumbling down. Horrid conditions really. Will hope for less rain tomorrow.


Very wet conditions out there, but Pasini of Speed Master leads the way early out there with a time of 1.40.613. That is surely going to tumble down. Early marker.


So we are off and running here with an hour of this qualification session to determine who starts where in tomorrow's big race.


Just before the action starts, you may wnat to recap the somewhat pointless final practice session which saw the likes of Casey Stoner and Jorge Lorenzo opt out due to poor conditions.


Hello and welcome to our LIVE coverage of the qualification session for the German GP, kicking off in five minutes.