25/06/11 - 14:00
Netherlands Grand Prix
TT Circuit Assen • Race


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Spies, Stoner, Dovizioso, Rossi, Hayden, Lorenzo, Edwards, Aoyama, Simoncelli and Elias. That is your top ten in Assen.


Here we go now with Spies on his last lap....Yamaha looking delighted as their rider takes the victory. All over here. A first win for Spies....historic day for him in Holland....


A solid and consistent performance from the race leader Spies. Riding with some relish. Rossi settling for fourth, but he is 30 seconds behind Spies as we approach the last lap.....


Spies can enjoy this from here on in. Just needs to stay upright now and the race will be his. Lorenzo doing admirably well as he moves through the field trying to close on Hayden in fifth. What a recovery. Spies 6.254 ahead of Stoner.


Spies with a lead of 6.365 ahead of Stoner, who is consolidating his position in second spot. Further down, Tony Elias is on course for a place in the top 10. He is ninth at the moment.


Lorenzo down in seventh after that early crash. That ruined his day as he was taken out by Simoncelli. Lorenzo is up to sixth, which has been a superb recovery.


Not much change. Nice and easy does it for Stoner as he looks to pocket 20 points for finishing seconds, but he remains 5.592 behind the leader.


A lap of 1:35 there from Spies as he continues to move further and further ahead. Perhaps now the greatest viewing spectacle for the public, but Spies won't be complaining. 5.5 ahead of Stoner.


Spies has just lapped Barbera. What is going on out there? How is that happening at this level. Unbelievable stuff. Spies going further and further ahead. Looks like Stoner has settled for second spot. Over five seconds now the gap.


Field well spread out now. A lot of lonely riders out there. Spies, Stoner, Dovizioso and Rossi well in control of the top four places. Bit of space between them all.


Stoner with a comfortable lead over Dovizioso - 4.7 seconds ahead of him, but 4.7 behind the leader Spies.


Rossi still looking good for fourth ahead of Edwards, but the battle for first place is between Spies and Stoner with Spies 4 seconds ahead of Stoner. Quality, quality stuff from Spies.


So Crutchlow back out on the track, but Spies is up to 3.969 ahead of Stoner. Very impressive from Spies. Really showing his class after Stoner threatened to close the gap.


Spies opening up the gap on Stoner. Up to 3.925 ahead of Stoner. The gap was visual a couple of laps ago, but all change now as Spier reasserts his dominance of this race.


Crutchlow nodding his head. Front tyre is shredded. He will head back out, but a long process to get that sorted. Spies with a lead now of 3.851 ahead of Stoner in second place.


Crutchlow pulls into the pits. Looks like he is having a few problems out there. Something has happened to the bike.


16 to go now with Spies 3.485 ahead of Stoner in second.


Spies with a lead of 3.572 between himself and Stoner with Dovizioso down in third. A battle on for fourth between Rossi and Crutchlow. So Spies has got a move on as he sensed the danger from Stoner.


Stoner picking up the pace. A cracking lap there from Stoner, but not really eating into the lead of Spies, who is surely going to wrap up this race unless some sort of misfortune visits him.


Another lap down and Spies continues to lead with a handy 3.88.....can Stoner and Dovizioso claw this gap back? That is the question. Nothing for Spies to worry about at the moment.


Spies continues to lead with 20 laps to go. A gap of 3.854 between him and Stoner. All exciting stuff as they jostle for position.


Stoner picking up the pace a little andis beginning to cut Spies's lead - he's just set the fastest lap of the race.


Spies is cruising now, surely on his way to a first MotoGP win at this rate.


Another fastest lap frmo Spies and he's 4.287 clear now.


Lorenzo managed to get back on after the crash, and is hoping for rain to close things up.


De Puniet is back in the pits holding his head in his hands.


Spies goes over four seconds clear.


Valentino Rossi has pulled himself up to fifth place, and there's not much more than a couple of seoncds between Stoner and Rossi.


Dovisozo is in third place, Cal Crutchlow an astonishing fourth - what a result it would be if he could get onto the podium so soon after surgery.


Spies almost three seconds clear ahead of Stoner already.


Now Randy De Puniet goes out! It's carnage in Assen!


With the first lap over, Ben Spies finds himself miles clear at the front of the field.


Unbelievable start, Simoncelli just lost grip completely.


Lorenzo and Simoncelli go down! Just three corners into the race Lorenzo gets taken out by Simoncelli!


And they're away from the line! Simoncelli gets a decent start.


The riders are on their warm-up lap now...


It's been officially declared a dry race here today, but the track is still a little greasy from the earlier rain and with temperateures still struggling to hit double figures the riders will struggle for grip.


Welcome to our LIVE coverage of the Dutch TT race in Assen, one of the highlights of the Moto GP calendar.