29/04/12 - 13:00
Spain Grand Prix
Circuito de Jerez-Ángel Nieto • Race


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Join us next week for the Portuguese GP from Estoril, a track that Lorenzo likes. Meanwhile, we have confirmation that Crutchlow had the fastest lap on lap 15 with a 1.40:049. Tremendous ride from him.


Delight for Repsol Honda then as Stoner wins after taking the lead from Pedrosa on lap three and never relinquishing it. Lorenzo retains the championship lead by four points though.

L 27

STONER WINS THE SPANISH GP! Lorenzo never got quick enough to try and pas and has to settle for second. Pedrosa holds off a spirited challenge from Crutchlow to finish on the podium. Meanwhile, De Punier runs out of fuel from 12th.

L 26 

Pedrosa and Crutchlow aren't close enough to challenge for the lead so it is Stoner v Lorenzo. The man riding the Repsol Honda looks to have a good enough lead this time around. It is all on the last lap then. Stoner 0.4 quicker.

L 25 

It looks as though Stoner is struggling with his tyres and Lorenzo lurks with real intent. He tucks up into the slipstream but isn't close enough this time. Stoner under huge pressure and Lorenzo shapes to make the move before pulling out. Wow.

L 24 

A bit of a wobble from Crutchlow but it doesn't hinder him. The top four remain the same, but the chasing pair are still closing on Lorenzo and Stoner, Pedrosa closing to within 1.6 seconds.

L 23 

It has been a fantastic ride from Crutchlow, who remains fourth behind Pedrosa. Those two are closing in on our two leaders as well. This could be a thrilling conclusion.

L 22 

Can Lorenzo do it? He has been hovering just behind Stoner for a succession of laps now but hasn't had a real go. Oh no! Lorenzo runs very, very wide but he recovers well. Crutchlow is the fastest man on that lap to give Pedrosa something to think about.

L 21 

Abraham joins back in at the back and still we have no change at the front. Pedrosa has put in some quick laps to keep Crutchlow at bay. Pedrosa third behind Lorenzo and Stoner, who are so, so close.

L 20 

Lorenzo, winner of the first race of the season in Qatar, swarms all over Stoner again and the gap remains at 0.3. At the back, Pirro and Abraham retire.

L 19 

Lorenzo is right on the shoulder of Stoner now, and the latter seems to be leaking time dramatically. The gap is down to around 0.3 seconds now, or perhaps even less. This could get interesting.

L 18 

It has been great to see Crutchlow take on Pedrosa at his home GP, however, there hasn't been too much excitement generally with the top four unchanged for quite some time now. Oh, now Stoner makes a mistake and Lorenzo closes the gap.

L 17 

Lorenzo just over a second behind leader Stoner but he hasn't been able to get close enough to have a go at passing him. Dovizioso has ground to make up in fifth and doesn't look to have the pace today.

L 16 

The intrigue now lies in whether Pedrosa and Crutchlow, the two fastest riders on the track, can close the 3.1-second gap to leaders Lorenzo and Stoner.

L 15 

Pedrosa and Crutchlow are quicker than the leading two riders but the gap is around five seconds so they still have some work to do if they want to challenge for the win. Stoner's lead from Lorenzo stays static.

L 14 

Pedrosa continues to battle to hold off Crutchlow in third, while team-mate Stoner extends his lead over Lorenzo in first.

L 13 

Crutchlow is flying. He takes another tenth out of Pedrosa and is on the shoulder of the Spaniard. Third place is at stake and meanwhile Dovizioso is dropping off in fifth.

L 12 

Rossi moves up to ninth after taking Barbera but he comes back at the multiple champion. That could be a good tussle. Casey Stoner looks nicely in control but Lorenzo closes by a tenth of a second.

L 11 

Crutchlow is making good progress and is closing on Pedrosa in third place. Yamaha team-mate Dovizioso is also lurking with intent.

L 10 

Pedrosa leads the chasing pack looking to rein in Lorenzo and Stoner but the gap to third is almost three seconds. Lorenzo and Stoner have a bit of a gap to play with. Stoner with a fastest lap of 1.40:151.

L 9 

Lorenzo is struggling to reign in Stoner but the reigning champion's lead is staying relatively static at 0.678 seconds. Crutchlow takes Dovizioso to move fourth.

L 8 

The fight for third is taking attention at present with Pedrosa, Dovizioso and Hayden battling it out. Crutchlow joins in and takes Hayden's fifth position when the Ducati driver goes wide.

L 7 

An uneventful lap by and large. Stoner's lead is around 0.4-0.5 seconds but he has been unable to pull away. Meanwhile, Rossi takes 10th place. Pedrosa takes third place from Hayden.

L 6 

Crutchlow, making good progress through the field, almost drives into Pedrosa! Rossi is into 11th from 13th so it looks like being another frustrating afternoon for him. No change at the front as Stoner sets a new fastest lap.

L 5 

Replays show Hayden was almost unseated on lap four and that cost him some time. Stoner still leaps from Lorenzo though the gap has narrowed. Down in sixth, Crutchlow pulls out a fastest lap of 1.40:981.

L 4  

Stoner begins to open up a decent lead of 0.547 seconds over Lorenzo having set the fastest lap in lap three with a 1.42:213. Lap four is a 1.42.

L 3 

Pedrosa loses three places in one turn as Stoner takes the lead! Lorenzo and Hayden are also in the mix. You can't take your eyes off this race at present. Stoner leads from Lorenzo and Hayden.

L 2  

Casey Stoner makes a charge and Lorenzo raises an arm after almost colliding with Dovizioso. This is thrilling stuff so far. Pedrosa and Stoner lead as the Repsol Hondas take control.

L 1 

Yonny Hernandez has a problem with his bike and he has to start from the pit lane! After we get underway, Pedrosa gets in front of Lorenzo to open up a lead while Hayden and Crutchlow touch! Dovizioso makes good progress from seventh.


The stewards are calling it a dry race, which means the riders must have permission to come in and change bikes should conditions worsen. A white flag will signal a change is possible.


There are a few umbrellas out on the grid but Valentino Rossi, who qualified all the way down in 13th, is sporting a pair of sunglasses.


Home rider Jorge Lorenzo starts in pole and having won the opening race of the season in Qatar looks in fine shape. Fellow Spaniard Dani Pedrosa qualified second and was quickest in two of the free practice sessions.


Welcome to our LIVE coverage of the second race of the season from Jerez, Spain. The Moto2 race was red-flagged with eight laps to go due to rain, but the track appears to have dried up a touch since then.